How it Works

Get Results Quickly with jBIAS

Expect Fast Implementation

jBIAS is an automated data retrieval system that is specifically designed for ease of installation, so you can expect to be up-and-running quickly. Once the software is integrated into your system, it aggregates report data from all the sources you need at sub-second speeds.

  • Expect easy implementation
  • Retrieve data in sub-second speeds


Rely on Steadfast Support and Ease-of-Maintenance

jBIAS automated data retrieval software works so reliably that our customers rarely need technical support. But if you do, you can count on a rapid response to any requirements you have, including fast turnarounds on format change requests. And because jBIAS integrates seamlessly with your existing system, there simply is no training required.

  • Get responsive customer support
  • Implement with no training required


Make It Your Own

Need customization? That’s never a problem with jBIAS. You build your own user interface, either for underwriters or for individuals seeking insurance quotes from your company—so you can ensure a consistent brand experience. Plus, jBIAS is customizable to both your organization’s operations and existing systems, so you can avoid costly IT overhauls.

  • Customize to your existing infrastructure and interface
  • Avoid costly overhauls


Quickly Gain Access to Additional Reports

jBIAS is a third-party accelerator that easily integrates with any data service provider, giving you access to the unique information your organization needs. New reports can be added for retrieval in as little as two months.

  • Integrate with any data service provider
  • Add new reports in as little as two months


Keep Data Consistent, Accessible and Organized

We understand that data consistency is critical, which is why jBIAS gives you the ability to abstract complexity associated with data returned from each vendor, so you can maintain uniformity across all data sources. And jBIAS’s robust data storage and duplication checking capabilities help you retrieve data in consistent, standardized formats—not text—so raw data elements can be quickly organized and analyzed.

  • Maintain data uniformity
  • Quickly organize and analyze raw data


Identify and Prioritize Significant Data

Carriers—particularly actuaries who analyze data—can use jBIAS’s automated tool sets to identify what data is significant in determining risks and premiums (for instance, the geographic location of the insured party). They can also review historical data, going as far back as records are stored in your database.

  • Determine significant data
  • Analyze previous records


Track Ordered Reports

jBIAS easily enables you to track ordered reports, by individual, from each data source, so you can determine the usefulness of each report in relation to business performance, and you can reconcile ordered reports to your invoices to support sound financial management.

  • Track every ordered report by individual
  • Compare orders to invoices
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