Save Time and Money
While Achieving Your Business Goals

jBIAS gives you get direct online access to all the information sources you need for your underwriting process, from most third-party data service providers.


Designed for fast and easy implementation, jBIAS can help you speed integration and deployment up to 50 percent. Our robust, automated data retrieval software even enables you to rapidly conduct searches with partial information. With report data available in sub-second speeds and standardized formats, jBIAS dramatically streamlines the data retrieval process—and helps you avoid duplicate orders of bureau information while seamlessly organizing data from all sources.

  • Speed integration and implementation up to 50 percent
  • Deliver data in sub-second speeds and standardized formats
  • Avoid duplicate orders
  • Organize data seamlessly

Our proven, easy-to-implement automated data retrieval software will help you save on both the costs of in-house development and long-term maintenance as your data sources evolve, as well as expensive surcharges for vendor-specific solutions. Bottom line: jBIAS will help you reduce your total cost of ownership while putting the underwriting data you need at your fingertips. And because jBIAS comes ready to integrate with your existing underwriting application, you can:

  • Reduce capital costs of additional IT investments
  • Minimize ongoing expenses for in-house maintenance—jBIAS is virtually maintenance-free
  • Avoid vendor lock-in and exorbitant, pay-per-source costs

jBIAS is installed locally, on your premises, and information is stored in your database—not in the cloud or with a third party—so you maintain complete control of your systems and critical information. We never intercede between you and your third-party sources. Our customers don’t just use jBIAS as an everyday automated data reporting tool. The data storage capability it delivers also makes it invaluable for advanced analysis and strategic planning, whether you need to conduct business, actuarial or premium cost analyses.

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